AVERT-IT Project

Avert-IT is an EU-funded project to develop a mechanism, for use within intensive and high-dependency care units, which will have the ability to monitor and predict the likelihood, and primary causes of arterial adverse hypotension events.


The main scientific objective of the project is to determine the association between multiple patient parameters and subsequent arterial hypotension. The main technological objective will be the development of an IT-based decision support system ("HypoPredict") appropriate for deployment within intensive and high dependency care units. The system will be capable of:

A further objective is the development and maintenance of a distributed clinical data monitoring platform ("HypoNet"), capable of integrating with a wide variety of clinical monitoring systems, then automatically transmitting this data - securely - to a central repository. Current systems that can interface to HypoNet are:


The resources in terms of data, technology and expertise for the project will be combined from a variety of areas:


The project will also look to develop an exploitation model for the commercialisation of the software in product/service sales across international markets. Potential opportunities include:


For more information on the Avert-IT project please contact Rob Donald (rob.donald@c3global.com), Ian Piper (ian.piper@brainit.org), Anthony Stell (a.stell@nesc.gla.ac.uk) or Lydia Lepecuchel (lydia.lepecuchel@pera.com).

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